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How can I identify Cockroach droppings in my kitchen?

Cockroach infestation is a very common pest that can plague homes and commercial establishments. The cockroaches feed on anything from fabric to paper and then they leave behind droppings as evidence of their presence. It is important for residents of the house to know how to identify cockroach droppings so that they can take necessary action quickly before the problem gets out of control.

How can I identify Cockroach droppings in my kitchen?

Droppings In Kitchen There are three types of Cockroaches found in kitchens – German, American and Oriental Roaches. So it would be easy enough for you to distinguish the secretion from these three pests which have different ways of contaminating your foodstuffs with their faeces:

German roach:  These roaches produce cylindrical shaped droppings with pointed ends.

American roach: These roaches produce football shaped dropping with tapered ends.

Oriental Cockroach: The secretion of these cockroaches are long, cigar-shaped and dark in colour.

All the three types of cockroaches tend to take up residence under kitchen sinks, behind refrigerators and ovens, in food cabinets and in other places where they can find their regular diet in plenty.

Therefore it is important for you to keep tabs on these pests when cleaning up your house or after cooking meals that require extensive use of spices like chillies or other ingredients that may attract the attention of these bugs. If you identify any sign of cockroaches in your kitchen then you should immediately contact Bon Accord Pest Control, the finest pest control service in London who have been serving customers in central areas of London with utmost professionalism.

How can I get rid of cockroaches from my kitchen?

Once you have identified the signs and symptoms of a cockroach infestation in your kitchen, you should immediately contact Bon Accord Pest Control. They will send out an expert team to inspect the entire area carefully and then recommend a suitable treatment plan depending on what has been found during inspection. The company’s professionals use only the best sprays that are least harmful to humans and pets but very effective in killing them within a reasonable timeframe. In addition to treating the affected areas they will also advise you on preventive measures which is equally important to make sure that the problem is not recurring.

Local Pest Control Services

Bon Accord provides specialist pest control services to individuals and businesses throughout London.  When we’re through, we guarantee your home or business will be completely free from pests.

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How can I identify Cockroach droppings in my kitchen?

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