How effective are sonic pest repellers, especially with mice?

How can I deter mice from a particular room?

So How can I deter mice from a particular room?

Mice can be prevented from entering a particular room by finding and sealing all the small gaps (5mm-1cm) and potential mice entry points in the walls, doors and windows. It’s called rodent proofing or mice proofing and will stop the mice for months or even years. You can also call a pest control company for advice and help with the proofing. 

How can I prevent rodents from gaining access to my property?

Rodents gain entry into buildings through holes or defective areas in exterior brickwork or mortar joints. These openings must be repaired for effective long term mouse control. Once rodents are excluded, further potential entry points should be located and sealed to prevent mice from getting back in

How can I deter rats from entering my premises?

Rats need more than a 5-6mm gap to gain access into your property; it can be 2-3cm . These gaps must be found and filled with high quality filler which is pestproof. There should not be any type of dampness or leaking pipes inside the wall for rodents to infest your premises .

How can I prevent future problems with rodents entering my structures?

Once all entry points are sealed, you should take steps to do ongoing inspections and preventative maintenance to ensure that no new gaps are created which would permit miceto gain access to the inside of your premises. If all entry points are completely maintained you will not have to deal with any future problems with mice entering your structures.

If you need professional help for inspection or proofing, please contact Bon Accord Pest Control from London via their website or phone number on the top right corner of this web page!

How can I deter mice from a particular room?

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