Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs and Moths

All About Heat Treatment ! Bedbugs are a common and growing problem in the UK. There was a brief period of time, during the 1940s and 50s, when bedbugs were thought to be all but extinct. However, thanks to the rise of international air travel and the modern travel and tourism industries, bedbugs have become much more prevalent since the mid-1990s.

Anyone who travels frequently is likely to encounter bedbugs at some point. It used to be common to treat bedbug infestations with powerful chemical poisons. However, not everyone is comfortable with this method of disposal. A more popular and modern option is to use heat treatments instead.

Pesticides Are Out – Heat Treatment On

Scientists believe that bedbugs began developing resistance to many pesticides, which reduced their effectiveness as a pest control option. Governments around the globe have also introduced increasingly tight controls on the most potent pesticides due to the environmental damage they can cause. Many people are also wary of using strong pesticides in their homes because of the negative connotations surrounding them, many of which are well deserved.

Heat treatments offer a safer, chemical-free alternative to pesticide treatments. More importantly, heat treatments are just as effective as pesticides, if not more so. For homes with pets and young children, this provides parents with peace of mind and reassurance that they aren’t exposing them to a flood of toxic chemicals. Many people feel uneasy about them or their children sleeping on beds that a pest control technician has sprayed with potent, insect-killing pesticides. For these people, heat treatments are an excellent alternative.

How Does Heat Treatment Work?

If you heat a cell to a temperature of around 45°C or more, the DNA within the cell starts to break down. This breakdown of DNA prevents the cell from functioning correctly. Heat treatments work by heating the infested areas of a property for a period of several hours. During this time, bedbugs and other insects are killed, along with their eggs and larvae. The larger the property is, the longer the process takes.

Bon Accord uses high-quality equipment to administer our heat treatments. This quality equipment ensures the process is as efficient as possible, minimising the time required. It is essential that heat treatments are performed by professional pest control experts using the right equipment. Otherwise, not only will the process be longer and more expensive, but cold spots will make it less reliable.

Cold spots are one of the most common issues with heat treatments. They occur when inexperienced pest control cowboys administer treatments incorrectly. Most of the time, this is the result of measuring the ambient air temperature in a property. This temperature is not relevant to the heat treatment process. The insects that the treatment targets are buried within furniture and fabrics, which insulate them from the air.

Bon Accord’s pest control technicians know how to apply heat treatments properly and can guarantee they will be effective, whether we are heating a specific area or an entire property.

What Are The Drawbacks?

When pest controllers apply heat treatments correctly, there is only one real drawback; the cost. Heating even a single room to the required temperature is an energy-intensive process, and the cost reflects this. Any pest control businesses claiming to be able to heat treat your property to the same high standards that we do at a lower cost are almost certainly lying to you.

Another dead giveaway that you aren’t dealing with a real professional is that they will offer to use steam to deliver a cheaper treatment. But steam treatments are not heat treatments. Heat treatments work, in part, by drying out insects and larvae, depriving them of moisture. Steam treatments might provide the heat, but they also supply moisture, defeating the purpose.

Professional Heat Treatment From Bon Accord

Every pest control technician working for Bon Accord is fully-licensed by the British Pest Control Association. BPCA accreditation means you can trust our workers to deliver a professional service every time. Heat treatments are a relatively new innovation and remain unregulated; anyone can offer to turn up at your home or business with a heater and claim to be a ‘heat treatment specialist.’ But it is only professional outfits like ours that can actually deliver on this promise.

If you have a bedbug infestation or another stubborn insect infestation that you want to be treated in a chemical-free way, contact Bon Accord today. We guarantee that our heat treatments will eradicate all the pests and eggs in your property. In the unlikely event that any pests survive, we will be back to finish the job.


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