Healthcare Facilities Pest Control


Healthcare Facilities Pest Control 

Pests can cause enormous problems for any business. But healthcare facilities are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of a pest infestation. Here are some of the key ways in which Bon Accord can help you to keep your healthcare facility completely pest-free.

Structural Advice

Pests have the same basic needs as people if they are to thrive; they need food, water, and warmth and shelter. Our pest control technicians can help you to understand precisely how pests build their nests, where they build them, and how you can make your healthcare facility more hostile towards them. Even if pests have access to your facility and scraps of food to feed off, if they can’t create harbourages, they won’t be able to establish themselves.

Logistical Advice

The way that you manage your incoming food supply and disposal of waste are integral to pest control in any healthcare facility. Many smaller pests, including insects and mice, can thrive on relatively little food. Larger pests like rats require access to a reasonable amount of food, but mice can get by on just crumbs and other debris. Bon Accord will work with your managerial staff to establish working routines that minimise the amount of food available and make pest infestations much less likely.

Control Measures

Many healthcare facilities find it prudent to act before pests move in. Taking preventative measures early on and implementing monitoring before you suspect an infestation means you can catch any infestations as they appear. The sooner you get to a budding pest invasion, the easier it is to nip it in the bud. Bon Accord can provide traps and regular monitoring to detect pests at the earliest possible opportunity.

Prevention Advice

Getting rid of the pests themselves is only one component of a comprehensive pest control strategy. If you want your healthcare facility to remain pest-free, you will need to address the underlying reasons for pests entering your property, to begin with. After dealing with the primary infestation, our pest control experts can advise you on any steps you should take to prevent future outbreaks.

Keeping pests out of any business is essential for their reputation. But for healthcare businesses, it’s even more crucial that pests and the pathogens they carry aren’t able to run rampant through the building. Our pest control technicians will ensure they pass on any pertinent advice and share their expertise with clients so you can keep their facilities free from pests forever. 

Trained BPCA-certified Technicians

The British Pest Control Association provides professional certification to pest control operatives throughout the UK. This certification is a seal of approval that you can trust; you know that any pest control technician certified by the BPCA is competent and understands what they are doing. Anyone can buy a spray can of poison or lay down some traps, but only certified and licensed pest control experts can offer the advice and guidance needed to keep pests away once they have dealt with an infestation.

Our trained and experienced pest control technicians also understand the importance of professionalism and discretion. We will always provide a comprehensive service; we’re not satisfied until the infestation is clear, and we are confident it will remain that way. Our team will always be able to identify the best tools and techniques for the job based on your specific circumstances.

Innovative Chemical-Free Treatments

There are numerous methods and techniques you can use to deal with most pest infestations. When most people think of pest control, they think of chemical treatments like potent insecticides. Many people have concerns about using these chemicals in their home or business and with good reason.

However, there are many more options on the market today. Bon Accord offers innovative chemical-free treatments wherever possible. Some infestations still require the heavy-handed chemical approach, but there are a growing number of alternatives available. For example, we can cure a bedbug infestation using a chemical-free heat treatment. These treatments are just as effective at eliminating infestations as chemicals and enable us to operate in situations where chemical treatments are problematic.

Rapid Response

After you make contact with Bon Accord, we will arrange a convenient time to come and make an initial assessment of the situation. We are ready to do this as soon as you wish; time is of the essence when dealing with a pest infestation. Our initial assessment will give us the chance to confirm an infestation and present you with suitable treatment options. From there, we will work as rapidly as possible; we are ready when you are.

Whether you suspect a pest infestation in your healthcare business, or you want to ensure that there’s no chance for an infestation to take hold in the future, don’t delay in contacting Bon Accord today. 

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