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Get Rid Of Ant Infestation

How to Get Rid Of Ant Infestation ?


Ant infestation: Ants are one of the most prolific pests that you will have to deal with. They can cause a lot of problems for your home and garden, including invading your house’s food supplies and spreading disease throughout the population in their colony.

Ant Infestation
Ant Infestation
  1. Ants Sting, Ants Bite

Although ants are small in size, they can cause serious injuries: ants sting, and not only the ant body but also their stinger can cause some damage to humans. For example, fire ants dig into human skin when they bite on, causing a burning sensation; carpenter ants bite into human skin deep enough to tear off pieces of flesh; big headed soldier ants use their hard mandibles to puncture through tough surfaces including wood and plastic.

  1. Ants Harbor Many Unwanted Parasites

Due to their habit of bringing food back home to be shared by all colony members, whoever yields the food at home will inevitably carry injurious parasites along with it: bacteria such as “Salmonella”, “E. Coli” and “Bacillus”; mites such as “Pthirus pubis” and “Demodex folliculorum”. Eating food in ants’ nests can lead to serious illnesses.

  1. Ants Disrupt Home or Business Premise

In extremely rare cases, sudden swarming of ants may result in a complete disruption of home or business premises: timber flooring, walls, furnishings, kitchenware are all commonly reported to be disappearing overnight when the nests become active due to excessively high temperature during summer season; electrical wires are cut off by workers carrying loads on their thoraxes; wiring insulation is damaged by ant colonies seeking warm spots underground; household utensils like teapots are found severely rusted and full of holes after ants make their nests inside them.

  1. Ants Present a Danger to Household Pets

Since all ant colonies share the same food supply with each other through underground chambers, one colony cannot live unless the others nearby also survive; therefore, ants tend to make aggressive attacks on predators trying to prey on them or any of their mates. In some cases, pet parrots and cats have lost toes or even whole paws due to ant bites; in more extreme incidents when dogs try to dig out ant nests under house slabs crawling below their feet, they sink into the ground up to waist by encountering hundreds of thousands of little workers wielding stings and corrosive acid spray at once.

  1. Ants Disrupt Indoors

Carpenter ant nests invading a wooden floor will be active for many years, and then suddenly die out in few weeks; during that period, any household furniture levitated above the nest will start to “shimmy” from side to side: desktop computers, refrigerators and air conditioners are common examples. This kind of trouble is called an “ant walk”. It can only be fixed by professional pest controllers who treat the ants with insecticides injected directly into their underground nests.

  1. Ant Nest Scent Attractants Pollute the Air You Breathe and Harm Your Health

Ant colonies release pheromones into air when they are disturbed; this odor attracts other worker ants to come onsite and help fight off the invaders, or engage in swarming action to relocate the colony. As ants are widely distributed throughout cities worldwide, many ant nests have already been built underneath buildings inhabited by human beings: offices or homes; these pheromones become part of the air pollution problem as well as possible health hazards sneaking into your body through your respiratory system.

  1. Ants Sneak Inside Your Home

Ants can climb walls: they do it with ease when their numbers get dangerously large inside a nest due to lack of food supply; the unfortunate consequence is that you will find them wandering inside kitchen cupboards even if you live in a 3rd floor apartment!

  1. Ants Invade Food Storage Areas

Nests exist side-by-side with food storage areas, therefore ants can freely sneak in through tiny cracks in walls or floor to attack grain supplies.

  1. Ants Create Nuisance Alarm Systems

You may have had a creepy experience of waking up at 3am to find hundreds of ants swarming on your bed: this is when the colony was disturbed during their evening routines and signaling its workers to come and defend it; or an ant nest under kitchen slab has been baked by hot sunlight throughout day time, causing the “mother” ant to release pheromones into air carrying warning signals for all colony members.

  1. Colony Mates are Competing for Food Intake

Ant colonies do not reproduce themselves directly like birds or mammals; instead, they first need to establish their own colonies and then keep them alive by providing sufficient food for all members; the problem is that there will always be hungry workers trying to intrude other ant nests whether they are next door neighbors or distant cousins from different continents. Therefore, ants present a great dangerous threat to human beings through property damages as well as health risks: therefore we recommend you choose pest control companies dealing with professional ant treatment services on a regular basis.

  1. Ants Invade Homes at Night

Ants are such hardworking creatures: even when it’s dark around, they never stop working inside of their underground tunnels during winter and summer seasons alike; it is actually true that ants do not sleep at night in order to protect their colony mates from potential enemies; if you do not remove their nests completely, they are sure to keep on coming back and forth.

  1. Ants Are Dirty and Smelly

An ant colony has no concept of cleaning up after itself: ant workers engage in dangerous tasks day by day without the freedom of going to a washing machine when dirty; therefore all queens and mother ants have to live with 3-5 times more dirt on their bodies than other types of insects in the wild. This awful smell can make anyone feel uncomfortable: it is time for professional pest control contractors (like Pest Control Manchester) to exterminate ant colonies through appropriate chemical means.

  1. Ants Invade Homes Due To Seasonal Changes

In winter time, ants search for food by climbing walls and locate cracks on floor or carpets to go inside; in summer, they invade houses due to increased temperature changes caused by sunlight shining on the concrete.

  1. Ants Cause Health Risks To Housemates And Children

Some ant species can cause skin allergies when their bodies are touched by family members: this is just one of the ant’s problems that can endanger human lives as well. Get Rid Of Ant Infestation 


Ant Treatment In London

Ants are pests that belong to the order Hymenoptera, which consists of ants, bees and wasps.

Britain has a variety of ant species including red ants, black garden ants, carpenter ants and pavement ants. Unfortunately some ant species can cause damage to your home or business if left untreated. Pavement ants for example can cause severe structural damage by nibbling through wood floors in homes or wooden beams in commercial properties.


The most common type of ant infestation


The most common type of ant infestation is when the colony establishes a food source near your building e.g. inside attic insulation or wall cavities.

The infestation may be further intensified if the ants find a location that has water which can lead to an ant colony developing around your bathroom or kitchen sink.

You must eliminate ants as soon as possible because they pose a risk to human health and easily cause major structural damage, so it is vital that you call on a professional pest controller at the first sign of trouble.

We will treat your home for any type of ant using top-of-the-range ant gel and insecticide surface sprays. The gel stays active for up to three months and offers you maximum protection. A one-off visit is often enough to deal with most of the types of ant infestations in London.

Ant Infestation Guarantee After Ant Treatment 

We at Bon Accord Pest Control London pride ourselves on our fast and efficient ant treatment service. We have many satisfied customers for both our domestic and commercial Ant Treatment programs. Our technicians are highly trained BPCA and RSPH certified, with many years of experience in dealing with all types of pests throughout London. We are one of the best pest control companies in London, that really cares about the clients.

It is important that once you discover pests such as ants inside your property, you take immediate action to eliminate them before they invade further and potentially cause more damage. Ants feed on honeydew producing insects such as aphids & scale insects (which may be spreading disease). These pests also create unsightly honey dew which can discolour walls, windows etc., if left untreated within a building. The ants themselves act as carriers of bacteria, fungus and parasitic worms which can also cause illness in humans. 

If you are experiencing an ant problem or wish to obtain more information regarding our Ant Treatment guarantee, please do not hesitate to contact us today by telephone (020 3369 6965) or email ( One of our friendly staff will be very happy to help with your inquiry. Get Rid Of Ant Infestation 

Latest Local Pest Control Prices – Get Rid Of Ant Infestation 

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