Does fumigation kill all bed bugs

Does fumigation kill all bed bugs

The answer to question: Does fumigation kill all bed bugs is NO

No. Fumigation is not 100% effective in killing bed bugs. The most effective bed bug treatment is a combination of residual sprays and heat treatment steam treatment.

Fumigation is the act of administering a lethal gas to living organisms, especially insects or vermin. Fumigation generally applies to eradication of entire communities of living organisms, including rodents and insects (Gullino, 2010). Additionally, fumigation is used as an insecticidal weapon in agriculture. The goal of fumigants and gas pesticides is to exterminate pests and prevent agricultural damage. Most fumigants are ethylene-based compounds containing the CH2CH3 structural motif (Ebeling, 1978). Does fumigation kill all bed bugs? No

Bed bug bites

Bed bugs feed off of human blood. Their bite increases the risk for diseases such as hepatitis B, Lyme disease, and herpes (University ofKentucky, 2010). Bed bug infestations are increasing dramatically in the United States. This is due to an increase of international travel and new effective pesticides that have been restricted or banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (U.S Department of Health & Human Services, 2013).

Bed bug heat treatment packages

Bon Accord offers a range of bed bug heat treatment packages.Bon Accord’s revolutionary process of heat treatment is a long-needed solution to the bed bug problem.Bon Accord offers a variety of bed bug heat treatment packages to fit your needs and budget.

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How often should pest control be done

Every 4 to 6 weeks for commercial pest control in restaurants, hotels, bakeries etcAt residential properties pest control should be done when pests are present in the home it is recommended to call pest control when you notice evidence of rodents or insects where they do not belong, such as live or dead bugs, droppings, chewed food packaging, gnaw marks on wood structures, rats in garden, garage or attic or mice in garage or kitchen. Pests can be active year around, so it is recommended to get pest control inspection every year.

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