How effective are sonic pest repellers, especially with mice?

Do rats or mice leave when you make your home cold?

Do rats or mice leave when you make your home cold?

The short answer is no, just by turning your thermostat off won’t make them leave your home. As long as there is a food source your home is still more safe and comfortable than living outside.

Why should you call a professional pest control service like Bon Accord Pest Control from London to keep your premises free of mice and rats?

There are many reasons for hiring a professional pest exterminator. For one, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to hazardous chemicals that can hurt or kill children and pets. You will also have the assurance of a longer-lasting solution when they come in for pest extermination in your home. And most importantly, you’ll be free from all the hassle including the icky sight and smell of dead corpses in your home.

Do rats or mice leave when you make your home cold?

Keep your home pest-free by engaging the help of Bon Accord Pest Control from London for all your household pest control needs. Call us today!


Do rats or mice leave when you make your home cold?

Rats and mice don’t just leave because you turn off the heat in your house

Why should I get my property treated for pests?

You need to make sure your property is protected against all sorts of pests, whether outside or inside. Even if you are dealing with one type of pest at the moment, new ones will come along in future without getting it treated regularly. This will help to ensure that you do not need to call Bon Accord Pest Control every few months or weeks.

We can help with all kinds of pest management issues. Make sure you contact us if you need any service, we are always here for your needs and concerns!


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