Do exterminators work for ants?

Exterminators are contracted to work for many different kinds of ants. They can use special sprays to treat the area where ants are entering the home, bait traps to stop the ants at their food source, and even fumigate an entire house or business!

If you suspect that your activity is enough to disturb ant trails, then spraying yourself will only move the trail away temporarily. The ant colony may not be far from your property line, however. As soon as they find out where another food source is again, they’ll be right back on their original path.

If professionals treated your property with pesticides (something which should not be done lightly), this would make them lose access to their trails entirely. Then you’d have no more problems with ants for a while.

This would be great if you had an infestation which was so bad that it warranted professional treatment. However, this could cost hundreds of pounds.

What is the best pest control company in London? Do exterminators work for ants?

There is no best company in the region. Some companies specialise in ridding homes of rodents, others of mosquitos and ticks, and still more for ant control. The most important thing to do when determining which company to hire for your specific problem is to perform a search on Google or ask your friends or neighbours for recommendations!

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