Common Mouse Species Found in The UK

In the United Kingdom, there are numerous species of mice that can be found in various habitats, from urban and suburban areas to woodlands and farmland. The most commonly found species are the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus), wood/field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus), yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis), harvest mouse (Micromys minutus), bank vole (Myodes glareolus), common vole (Microtus arvalis), water vole (Arvicola amphibius), and Edible dormouse (Glis glis).

mice control
mice control

Less Common Species


Other less common species include the striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius), striped zebra mouse (Lemniscomys striatus), and the spiny mouse (Acomys). These mice are both beneficial and detrimental to the UK’s ecology; they can help to disperse seeds and can also be a nuisance to farmers and gardeners, consuming stored grains and damaging crops. All species of mice in the UK are protected by law, and it is illegal to trap, harm or kill them.


Pest Mice in The UK


In the United Kingdom, pest mice can cause a variety of problems for homeowners and businesses alike. The most common species of mouse considered to be a pest are House Mouse (Mus musculus domesticus), Wood/Field Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus), Yellow-necked Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis), and Bank Vole (Myodes glareolus). These species are widely distributed across the UK, and can cause significant damage to property and crops.


Pest mice can damage insulation and wiring, contaminate food, and spread disease. They are also known to chew through plastics, wood and paper, and can cause considerable damage to furniture and other items. In addition, they can carry parasites, such as fleas and ticks, which can cause further health problems.

In order to prevent and control mice infestations, it is important to make sure your home or business is free from structural damage, food sources, and entry points. Additionally, it is important to use humane pest control methods, such as traps and baits, rather than poisons or other dangerous chemicals.


Mice: Understanding the Dangers and How to Control Them

Having a mouse problem in your home or business can be a serious concern, as these creatures can cause damage to property and pose a potential health risk. In this article, we’ll cover the dangers of mice, the types of mice found in the UK, their habitats, how to tell if you have mice, how to prevent and get rid of mice, and how to find a professional pest control service.

The Dangers of Mice: Why We Control Them

Mice are small, but they can wreak havoc in your home or business. They can cause significant damage to your property by chewing through walls, furniture, wires, and other surfaces. They can also contaminate food and spread disease through their droppings, urine, and saliva. Mice also bite, and their bites can become infected.

Mice Around Businesses

Pests like mice are often drawn to businesses due to the availability of food sources. If food is left out, or if garbage is not properly disposed of, mice will be attracted to the area. This can pose a health risk to customers and employees, as well as damage to the business premises.

Types of Mice in the UK

There are two main types of mice in the UK: the house mouse (Mus musculus) and the field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus). The house mouse is the most common type found in homes and businesses, while the field mouse is more often found in fields and gardens.

Mice Habitats: How They Choose a Home


Mice are drawn to warm and dry environments, so they often choose to make their homes in attics, basements, and other areas that are dark and undisturbed. They may also build nests in walls and other enclosed spaces.

Where Do Mice Come From?

Mice can enter your home or business through holes and cracks in walls, foundations, and floors. They may also enter through doors and windows that are left open.

The Tell-Tale Signs Mice Are About

The tell-tale signs of a mouse infestation include droppings, gnawed items, and an unpleasant smell. Mice can also be heard scurrying around at night.

Why Are Mice More Common in Winter?

Mice are more likely to be found in homes and businesses in winter because they are seeking shelter from the cold weather. They will also be drawn to the warmth and food sources available in these environments.

Mouse Appearance: House Mouse vs. Field Mouse

House mice are typically grey or brown in colour, with large ears and a long tail. They are usually around 9-11 cm in length. Field mice are typically brown or grey with white underbellies and shorter tails. They are usually around 6-9 cm in length.

Mouse, Rat, Shrew or Vole?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a mouse, rat, shrew, or vole. Generally, mice are smaller than rats, have pointed snouts and large ears, and have longer tails than other rodents. Shrews are usually around the same size as mice, but they have a long, pointed snout and their fur is a greyish-brown colour. Voles are smaller than mice and rats, and have shorter tails and shorter ears.

Mouse Biology and Behaviour

Mice are nocturnal, so they are most active at night. They are also omnivorous and will feed on a wide range of food sources, including grains, fruits, vegetables, and even insects.

Mating and Lifespan of Mice

Mice reach sexual maturity at around six weeks of age. The female mouse can have up to seven litters of five to eight young per year. The average lifespan of a mouse is around one year.

Other Characteristics of Mice

Mice are excellent climbers, and they can jump up to 15 cm in the air. They are also excellent swimmers and can hold their breath underwater for up to three minutes.

What Do Mice Eat?

Mice will eat almost anything, including grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and even insects. They may also feed on pet food, bird seed, and dead animals.

How Can I Stop My Cat Bringing Home Mice?

If your cat is bringing home mice, make sure to keep your cat indoors as much as possible. Additionally, make sure to feed your cat indoors and keep food sources away from areas where mice are likely to enter.

How to Treat a Mouse Bite

If you have been bitten by a mouse, wash the wound with soap and water and apply antiseptic cream. If the wound becomes red or swollen, seek medical advice.

How to Prevent Mice

The best way to prevent mice from entering your home or business is to seal up all possible entry points. Additionally, keep food sources secured and dispose of garbage properly.

Getting Rid of Mice

There are a few different methods to get rid of mice, including traps, poison, and professional pest control. Traps can be purchased from hardware stores, while poison should only be used by a professional pest control service.

DIY Mouse Control

If you are attempting to control a mouse infestation without the help of a professional, it is important to remember to use humane traps and to dispose of the mice humanely. Additionally, it is important to make sure that all potential entry points are sealed to prevent more mice from entering.

Professional Pest Control


Professional pest control services can help to identify, control, and eliminate a mouse infestation. They will use a variety of methods to eradicate the mice, such as traps, poison, and exclusion.

Finding a Pest Controller to Get Rid of Mice

When looking for a professional pest control service, it is important to make sure that they are experienced and knowledgeable about mouse control. Additionally, it is important to make sure that they are licensed and insured.

Mice can be a serious problem in homes and businesses, so it is important to be aware of the dangers they pose and to take steps to control them. In this article, we discussed the dangers of mice, the types of mice found in the UK, their habitats, how to tell if you have mice, how to prevent and get rid of mice, and how to find a professional pest control service. By understanding and controlling mice, you can help to protect your home or business from the potential damage and health risks they pose.

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