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Cockroach in the UK and How to get rid of them

Cockroach in UK. The threat to public health caused by cockroaches in the UK, is that they are known to spread disease through their ability to transmit bacteria such as Salmonella typhimurium which causes food poisoning and Escherichia coli O157:H7, a pathogen which can result in death of 3% of people who are infected with it.

These diseases have negative impacts on both adults and children’s health, for example, diarrhoea or vomiting associated with these bacterial infections may cause dehydration resulting in hospitalisation of children weak due to lack of fluid intake among other illnesses. It has been found that after the ingestion of food contaminated with cockroach droppings, urine or saliva bacteria can survive in the digestive system for several weeks. These diseases are also spread by breathing in dust particles near to areas where there are large concentrations of cockroaches .

It has been estimated that each gram of dust in a cockroach-infested house may have up to one million pathogens present on it. Engaging in activities such as smoking before touching food, handling garbage waste and feeding pets indirectly exposes people to these diseases because they feed on organic material which is exposed to the same surfaces contaminated with these disease-causing organisms. These organisms are mostly waterborne hence dirty dishes should be rinsed well, especially when exposed to tiny cracks where the possibility of salmonella and E. coli bacteria to grow is high as it is a perfect environment for them as they thrive in damp, moist conditions

Cockroaches contaminate almost anything that comes into contact with them such as kitchen utensils, food and furnishings hence they should be controlled by pest management professionals using baits and insecticides which are specially formulated for cockroach control and prevent their spread to other parts of the property.Cockroach in UK

What are cockroaches

Cockroaches are large, long-lived insects that feed on human food and other items in the home or business. They can be found in basements, behind refrigerators and in crawl spaces under the house. In commercial buildings, cockroaches infest food handling areas where they can come in contact with food and kitchen utensils. Cockroach in UK

Where do cockroaches live

Cockroaches are mostly active at night but during the day may hide inside cracks and crevices or other dark places such as basements, subfloor crawl spaces , beneath sinks, cabinets, stoves , refrigerators etc. They will also resideon appliances that contain water, e.g., dishwashers, washer/dryers or space heaters . During winter months or when temperatures drop to low levels for prolonged periods of time both German and American Cockroaches enter a state called cold hardiness which reduces their metabolic rate and helps them survive. These insects can be found clustered together in tight crevices or cracks near heat sources such as heating and air-conditioning ducts, water heater and hot water pipes


Cockroach in UK

According to the entomologists at Penn State University, Pennsylvania there are four species of cockroaches found in the UK

These are :

American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) Stout dark reddish brown insects with pale yellow markings about 30mm long with alternating light and dark bands on their shield behind the head .They originated from Africa but now can be found throughout the world.

The American cockroach is common in tropical areas and has been introduced into all other countries except for those that have extreme winter cold such as Canada and Russia. They prefer warmer climates hence they tend to hide within heated buildings around pipes, boilers or furnaces where temperatures remain relatively high .If you see small piles of droppings beside water pipes, this will be evidence of American cockroaches. Cockroach in UK

American Cockroach Egg Capsule 3/4″ x 1/2″

German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) 

German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) The most common species in the UK . They are light brown to tan with two dark lengthwise stripes on the shield behind the head .The German cockroach is about 15mm long and originates from Africa . It prefers warm climates but can survive in cool temperate zones by hiding within heated buildings around pipes, boilers or furnaces where temperatures remain relatively high. This type of cockroach is commonly found in homes and restaurants because it prefers human food. If you see small piles of droppings beside water pipes , this will be evidence of German cockroaches.

German Cockroach Egg Capsule 3/8″ x 1/4″

Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

The oriental cockroach is shiny black. The female has a rounded, dark shield behind the head whereas males have two light spots on this shield . This species is about 30mm long with antennae less than half as long as the body. It originates from Africa but can now be found throughout the world .It prefers warm climates but can survive in cool temperate zones by hiding within heated buildings around pipes , boilers or furnaces where temperatures remain relatively high . If you see small piles of droppings beside water pipes, this will be evidence of German cockroaches.

Oriental Cockroach Egg Capsule 3/8″ x 1/4″

The brown-banded cockroach

The brown-banded cockroach, (Supella longipalpa) is a small species of cockroach, measuring about 10 to 14 mm long. The male has fully developed wings and is very similar in appearance to the German cockroach. The female, however, has a pair of wing pads but cannot fly as she lacks a reproductive organ known as an ovipositor.

Both sexes have two light yellowish bands across their backs bordered by a narrow dark brown stripe alternating with a thin pale brown stripe .They originate from Africa but can now be found throughout the world . They prefer warm climates but can survive in cool temperate zones by hiding within heated buildings around pipes , boilers or furnaces where temperatures remain relatively high. If you see small piles of droppings beside water pipes, this will be evidence of their presence .

Brown-banded Cockroach Egg Capsule 3/16″ x 1/8″

Commercial Pest Control for Cockroaches

Bon Accord Pest Control provides a fast and efficient pest control service in London ,UK we are experts in eradicating all kinds of roach infestations. We have a fast response time to any emergency call outs and you can be assured that your pest control problems will be dealt with quickly and effectively. Our highly trained technicians are experts in identifying the root cause of cockroach infestations, providing a complete eradication programme for your business premises. For more information on how we can help eradicate your cockroach problem please visit our website

6   Scientific Facts About Cockroaches in The UK

With the advancement of technology, it has become very easy to obtain scientific facts. A quick google search or click on a popular science website provides you with more information about everything in the world under one roof.

However, many are unaware of the various myths surrounding cockroaches which have been proven false over time. The much-loved cockroach is not as dirty or revolting as thought by many. Knowing these facts can make one look at cockroaches differently and love them too!

1) Cockroaches are highly adaptive creatures  There are around 60 different species of cockroaches that are found all over the world . They come in various shapes, sizes and colours depending on their habitat and diets . However , they are able to adapt to any situation . They are found in wet environments , dry areas, cold regions and also hot climates. They can adjust their body temperatures as per surroundings and stand extreme winter seasons which other insects cannot tolerate.

The species of the cockroach decides its diet too! Some eat vegetables while others feed on decaying matter or even chemicals such as soap and glue ! This makes them thrive everywhere which is why they are hard to kill.

2) Cockroaches, like humans, age very slowly. There is a myth that roaches don’t die and still remain alive after 3 days! Many people swear by this fact but it is completely false . Roaches do die after three days if not provided with enough food and water . Time has nothing to do with their lifespan . Males and females live for around 200 days while young roaches can live up to one year . This is the reason why cockroaches form large colonies and nest everywhere including your house!

3) Cockroaches carry diseases but don’t not spread them. There are many microbes like E.coli and salmonella present in a roach’s body which is often cited as the main cause of spreading bacteria and infections in humans . However , researchers have found out that roaches cannot transmit such germs because they do not get into open wounds or sores on their bodies . They generally prefer clean habitats before moving into human homes where hygiene is less maintained . Though some species may moult in dirty water, getting an infection is highly unlikely.

4) Cockroaches don’t see in the dark. Many people think that cockroaches are nocturnal but this is not true . They may be active at dusk and dawn but do move around during the day too! Roaches possess compound eyes which allow them to see in limited light conditions. They can perceive colour even in less lighting settings. But they rely on their antennae more than eyes when it comes to orientation !

5) Cockroach repellents don’t work ! There are many products available in markets like “baygon” or “raid” which claim they will keep roaches away from your house! However, you must know that they can only kill a few roaches with poisonous powders ! These products are generally not effective in the long run and you will end up spending more money on these rather than investing into an effective control program.

6) Cockroaches spend 75% of their life cycle hiding in safe places. They like to reside in cracks, behind furniture or even under carpets! This is because they cannot fly but scurry faster than other insects . It makes it difficult for humans to catch them with bare hands unless one understands their behaviour well . The best way to get rid of roaches is through proper treatments which help kill all the existing cockroaches along with their eggs . Only then can you hope for a better living environment devoid of any creepy crawlers! Cockroach in UK

Contact Bon Accord Pest Control today for professional cockroach control in London.

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