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How To Control Spider Mites

Understanding Spider Mites  Spider mites are tiny pests that belong to the arachnid family. They are not true insects but are closely related to spiders and ticks. These minuscule creatures are notorious for infesting a wide range of plants, including houseplants, gardens, and agricultural crops. Spider mites thrive in warm and dry conditions, making them […]
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How To Control Silverfish

Introduction  Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are commonly found in homes and other buildings. They are known for their silvery appearance and their ability to move quickly. While silverfish are not harmful to humans, they can be a nuisance and cause damage to household items such as books, clothing, and wallpaper. In this article, […]
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How to control red ants at home

Introduction    Red ants, also known as fire ants, can be a nuisance when they invade your home. Not only can their bites be painful, but they can also cause damage to your property. If you’re dealing with a red ant infestation, it’s important to take immediate action to control and eliminate these pests. In […]
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How To Control Lily Beetle

Introduction    How to control lily beetle? The lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii) is a notorious pest that can wreak havoc on lilies and other members of the Liliaceae family. These bright red beetles, along with their larvae, feed on the leaves, stems, and flowers of lilies, causing significant damage and potentially killing the plants if […]
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How To Control Ants Around The House

Introduction    Ants are one of the most common pests that can invade our homes. They are attracted to food, water, and shelter, making our houses an ideal place for them to thrive. However, having ants crawling around can be quite annoying and unsightly. If you are wondering how to control ants around the house, […]
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How Much Does Flea Pest Control Cost

Understanding the Cost of Flea Pest Control   When it comes to flea pest control, the cost can vary depending on several factors. It is essential to have a clear understanding of these factors to gauge the potential expenses involved in getting rid of fleas effectively. In this article, we will discuss the various elements […]
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How Do Pest Control Treat Bed Bugs

How do pest control treat bed bugs?  Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that infest homes and establishments, causing discomfort and distress to the occupants. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, it is crucial to seek professional pest control treatment to effectively eradicate these pests. Pest control companies employ various methods to treat bed […]
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Does Pest Control Work For Fleas

Introduction  Fleas are a common nuisance that can infest homes and cause discomfort to both humans and pets. They are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. Flea infestations can quickly spiral out of control if not addressed promptly, leading to itching, irritation, and the potential spread of diseases. This […]
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Can Fungus Control Insects

Understanding Entomopathogenic Fungi  Fungus, a type of microorganism, plays a crucial role in our ecosystem. While most people associate fungi with mushrooms and molds, they also have the remarkable ability to control insects. This natural phenomenon is known as entomopathogenic fungi, which refers to fungi that can infect and kill insects. The Intricate Relationship Between […]
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Are Venus Fly Traps Good For Pest Control

Introduction  Venus Fly Traps, scientifically known as Dionaea muscipula, are fascinating carnivorous plants that have captured the attention of many people around the world. These unique plants are native to the wetlands of the southeastern United States and are well-known for their ability to trap and digest insects. But are Venus Fly Traps actually effective […]
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Karin HarndenKarin Harnden
17:14 05 May 24
We thought we had bedbugs but could find no evidence apart from what we thought were bites. I called Bon Accord and Gabriel was there within a couple of hours. He told us we had carpet beetle. Finding the evidence and showing us photos of the skin reaction which was exactly what we had. He advised and returned at a time to suit us to spray which was done thoroughly and efficiently. No sign of the little critters returning. Thank you Gabriel.
Luiza LoboLuiza Lobo
21:02 11 Apr 24
Gabriel went above and beyond. He is extremely knowledgable and very efficient at what he does. The results were outstanding. Nothing is too much for him. Delighted with his professionalism and work.
sam zsam z
19:11 03 Apr 24
Top-notched pest control service!! Went above and beyond to eradicate the rats from our property. Gabriel even offered to further investigate the infestation issues for our neighbours. We found him to be extremely professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend Gabriel to anyone in need of pest control.
23:29 02 Apr 24
Gabriel provided great service , responded quickly on an emergency for pest infestation, professional and friendly. No more pests at home.
Felicity GrayFelicity Gray
21:53 02 Apr 24
Gabriel was absolutely wonderful, a real life saver when I found a mouse by my bed at 10pm. He came in less than an hour and was able to catch the mouse and put my mind at rest so I could go to sleep! Highly recommend, fab service and lovely people.
Med KashaniMed Kashani
10:54 24 Feb 24
Gabriel turned up with an hours notice one evening and immediately identified the issued. He works efficiently and professionally throughout with timely follow-ups to ensure the problem was resolved. Once completed he was kind enough to continue to check in to see that the issue had gone. Having had Rentokil previously that spent two years doing very little this was a complete breathe of fresh air and solved the problem in less than two weeks. We are grateful and would highly recommend his services.
Nesma TalaatNesma Talaat
20:26 20 Feb 24
We were lucky to have found Bon Accord, they responded very fast to our request and Gabriel was very helpful and informative. He made several visits and did his absolute best until the mice problem we had was gone. Highly recommended.

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