Can I leave food out to see if there's mice in my house?

Can I leave food out to see if there’s mice in my house?

Can I leave food out to see if there’s mice in my house?

When it comes to how to get rid of mice in your house, one solution you can use is leaving food out if you suspect that there’s a mouse infestation. This may seem like an effective way of getting rid of the mice; however this isn’t true and actually does nothing but make life easier for your “guest” by giving them easier access to food.

The National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) released a statement on their website supporting this idea; they said that there is no proof that letting mice feed naturally will lead them to leave your property and that the most humane way of removing mice from your property, if you suspect or know that there’s one or more of them there, is to use a professional pest control company. There’s various ways in which a professional rodent controller can get rid of the mice in your property and it also will not be that difficult or expensive, depending on what kind of problem you have. Can I leave food out to see if there’s mice in my house?

How do I know if there are mice in my house?

Another way of getting rid of mice in your house is to try and find out whether you have a mouse infestation by looking for signs that there might be one. There are various things that could indicate the presence of mice, but there aren’t any 100% accurate methods of finding out if they’re in your house or not. However,accumulating small bits of evidence together can be extremely helpful at telling you whether or not you should try and get rid of them yourself or hire a professional company like Bon Accord Pest Control from London to do it for you.

If their droppings are present anywhere in your home, especially near food sources which will obviously include bins, cupboards with food items inside them etc., it’s almost certain that there’s a mouse infestation and that they’re living somewhere in the house.

If there’s dirt marks on your skirting boards or walls, it may indicate that there is a burrowing of some type going on nearby and if you see nesting materials such as grass or straw anywhere near these marks, mice seem like a possible cause.

Mice Control

It can be difficult to notice at first but mice tend to get through tiny holes which they can fit through easily so this means they could get into your property by getting their heads under door thresholds for example. If there are small piles of sawdust in various areas of your house, especially in places where you might not expect them to be, then this could also potentially mean that there is a mouse infestation.

Mice, unlike rats, tend to move around during the day so you might hear them scuttling about. As long as they’re not too loud and are in fact relatively quiet which is common), it’s unlikely that there’s more than one or two of them there. A squeaking noise can indicate that you have baby mice though and usually only happens when the female has given birth to them recently (which means there’s likely to be a large number of mice).

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