How to Identify and Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs have been identified as a growing public health pest in the UK, and appropriate management strategies are recommended for both domestic and commercial properties.

This article, provides useful tips on detecting and preventing bed bug infestations. If you suspect you may have bed bugs, look for early signs of bed bugs such as dark spots on your sheets or mattress, small egg casings, and tiny live bugs; these are all indicators that you may have a bed bug infestation and should take steps to check for them.

Bed Bugs: A Growing Problem

Bed bugs have become a major problem in many areas of the world. With the increasing amount of people travelling, bed bugs have become more widespread, making them harder to control. These tiny pests can cause a lot of stress and discomfort for those affected, as they are able to hide in small areas and reproduce quickly. 

Not only do they cause physical discomfort, but they can also cause mental distress as people worry about the growing infestation. Homeowners and renters alike are feeling the effects of the bed bug epidemic, and it is important to take steps to prevent and eradicate these pests.

For more information on what bed bugs look like and how to identify them, check out this article on What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?.


Bed bug prevention is essential in avoiding infestations. To prevent bed bugs, regularly inspect wooden and metal bed frames, bed linens, and upholstered furniture for signs of the pests. Vacuum sealed bags should also be used to store clothes and bed linens when not in use. Electrical outlets and crevices should also be checked for bed bugs.


If a bed bug infestation has occurred, bed bugs should be treated as soon as possible. A professional pest control service is recommended for the best results. Bed bug treatments usually involve using insecticides and steam to kill the pests. Additionally, using encasements on mattresses and box springs can help prevent the spread of bed bug infestations.

If you’re looking for guaranteed bed bugs treatment and control, be sure to check out this article for more information.

Bed Bug Extermination Cost UK

Though not a welcome topic of discussion, bed bugs have become a growing problem throughout London City. As a result, many people are searching for ways to get rid of these pests on their own. Unfortunately, this can often lead to a number of misconceptions about how to deal with bed bugs in the UK.


First step in getting rid of bed bugs

The first step in getting rid of bed bugs is understanding active and passive methods. Active methods are those that involve directly contacting the bed bugs, such as applying pesticides. These are not always the most efficient options; pesticide can often cause bed bugs to scatter, which will force you to spray again once they re-congregate elsewhere. To effectively treat bed bugs, one should utilise both DIY and professional solutions, such as those outlined in this article.

Passive methods

Passive methods involve indirect contact with bed bugs, like using items that repel them or blocking entry into the home. Items like encasements for mattress, box spring, and pillows can be an effective method to get rid of bed bugs. These items create a barrier that prevents the bugs from getting to or hiding in your mattress or pillow.

Another passive approach to getting rid of bed bugs is interceptor cups under your legs when you are in bed. This prevents them from crawling up onto the bed. Cleaning and vacuuming your home regularly will also help to remove any stray bugs or eggs. The bed frame should be inspected regularly for bed bugs, as it is an important component of bed bug control.

The cost of hiring a professional to exterminate bed bugs can vary depending on the size of your home and the extent of the infestation. Generally, you can expect to pay between £200 and £500 for a professional bed bug treatment

How to prevent a bed bug infestation?

Preventing a bed bug infestation requires vigilance, knowledge, and thorough cleaning. First, it is important to inspect any new or used furniture or bedding for signs of bed bugs before bringing them into your home. When travelling, inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs and use luggage racks to keep your belongings off the floor. It is also helpful to vacuum and wash your luggage, clothing, and bedding upon returning from a trip.
Additionally, it is important to regularly clean your bedroom and living spaces, including vacuuming carpets, washing bedding, and laundering clothes. To help prevent bed bug infestations, it is also recommended to use protective covers on mattresses, box springs, and pillows, as well as sealing any cracks or crevices where bed bugs may hide. Finally, it is helpful to contact a licensed pest control professional if you suspect a bed bug infestation.


Landlord or Tenant Who is Responsible for Bed Bugs in the UK?

In the UK, the landlord is generally responsible for any bed bug infestations that occur in a property. This includes both residential and commercial properties. If the tenant believes that there are bed bugs in the property, they should notify the landlord immediately.

The landlord is then responsible for hiring a professional pest control company to treat the property.If the landlord believes that the tenant is responsible for the bed bugs, they may choose to try and resolve this by themselves. If they are attempting to take care of it without assistance, it is important to note that treating a house for bed bugs requires professional knowledge.

Bed Bug Treatment Cost

Regardless of who pays for treatment, both parties should consider cooperating with each other to resolve the issue. This includes communicating openly, sharing relevant information (such as when and where bed bugs were found), and working together to follow the treatment plan. Ignorance or reluctance to cooperate can often lead to further problems down the line.

Bed bug inspection

A bed bug inspection is typically performed by an expert pest control company. A thorough inspection includes the following:

The inspector looks for various signs of infestation, including live bugs, cast skins, droppings, eggs, and carcasses. They also look for neighbouring units that are at risk of being infested. Regularly inspecting and vacuuming your bed frame is essential for preventing and controlling bed bug infestations.

The purpose of this inspection is to determine the extent of the infestation and to recommend a treatment plan.

Bed bug treatment

The inspector will recommend the best bed bug treatment plan based on his or her inspection. There are various treatments that can be used, including steam treatments, heat treatments, and chemical applications. Oftentimes, multiple strategies are needed to effectively eliminate all stages of bed bugs in your home.

With London’s extensive history of bed bugs, it is not uncommon to find these little creatures in any area of the city.

Many people who try to get rid of bed bugs on their own often make the mistake of using pesticides. These chemicals are usually not effective because they can cause bed bugs to scatter and spread out in your home. The best way to deal with bedbugs is to trap and collect them or use items that repel them. One such item is an encasement, which creates a barrier between your bed and bed bugs. Interceptor cups under the legs of your bed can keep these pests from crawling up onto the furniture.

Professional exterminator

Hiring a professional exterminator will typically cost between £200-£500, and the exterminator will use a variety of methods to get rid of bed bugs. These may include chemical applications, heat treatments, or steam treatments.


If you think you have bed bugs, it is important to contact a professional for an inspection. Trying to get rid of bedbugs on your own can be difficult and costly. Professionals Have the experience and knowledge to eliminate bed bugs quickly and effectively.

Bon Accord Bed Bug Hunters

Bed bugs are pests that can cause a lot of damage to bedding and furniture. These parasites feed on human blood but cannot jump or fly, so they tend to crawl into bedding at night while their hosts are sleeping. Bed bugs have become very common in London throughout the past decade, leading bed bug killer companies to spring up all over the city.

Bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases, but their bites can be very itchy and cause a lot of discomfort. They can also be difficult to get rid of, as they tend to hide in cracks and crevices around the bed. In recent years, the bed bug epidemic has spread to other parts of the UK, with high populations seen in the city of Manchester and London. Not only are bed bugs known to be difficult to kill, but they also breed very quickly, meaning that it is important for people to seek assistance if they discover an infestation.

Local Bed Bug pest control near me

Bed Bug Control near me is an important part of ensuring your family’s safety and comfort. You can find a qualified pest control service in any neighbourhood, but it might take some digging to uncover the best one for you!  Bed bug infestations are on their way back after being alarmingly absent this past year – don’t let them get away with it again by not taking care if things yourself first before contacting someone else as they will most likely charge more than what I did just because it’s harder work finding somebody good around here who knows what they’re doing when everybody wants something done fast without having too many questions asked

The million dollar question is “How do I know if my home has an infestation of bed bugs?”

 It’s a good idea to start by looking for marks or holes in your mattress. Bugs love dark places where there are lots of crevices and they’ll use those as hiding spots when you aren’t looking! After that, inspect all furniture piece-by-, limb-, baseboard%- every nook and cranny around the house – especially behind picture frames near walls because these areas may conceal additional eggs which could lead directly back into another realm without any people being aware (newborn babies sleeping!). If signs show up anywhere above then claws might be involved; take care not trapany yourself, be as methodical as possible in your inspection. A magnifying glass might come in handy if you’re not seeing things as plainly as you’d hoped.

Inspect the hotel room when travelling

When travelling, always inspect the hotel bedding and mattress for any signs of bed bugs before unpacking – they can hitch a ride on your clothes and luggage! If you do end up with them in your home, don’t panic – there are steps you can take to get rid of them. The first step is to call an exterminator and have them come out and assess the situation. They’ll be able to give you a plan of action to get rid of the bed bugs and keep them from coming back.Bed Bugs: Signs That Your Home Might Have an Infestation – How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Safely and Permanently

BedBug Treatments

  1. Bed bug heat treatment

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that mainly feed on human blood. They are of scientific order Hemiptera bedbugs of the family Cimicidae bedbugs .Bed bugs are generally active at night, but they can also bite during the day. The common symptoms of a bed bug bite are red welts on the skin that itch.


Bed bug extermination is accomplished through various means, one of which is heat treatment. Heat treatment involves heating an environment to a temperature that will kill bed bugs and their eggs. The room or home is placed in a chamber and heated with conventional heating methods such as steam, hot water, and hot air.


  1. Bed bug fumigation

Fumigation is the process of using chemicals to get rid of bed bugs. Much like heat treatment, fumigation can either be full-room or spot fumigation. In full-room fumigation, the entire room is sealed off and a chemical is released that will kill bed bugs and their eggs. Spot fumigation is when a specific area is targeted, such as a mattress or couch.


  1. Bed bug exterminator cost

Exterminating bed bugs can be expensive, depending on the method used. Heat treatment is generally the most expensive, followed by fumigation and then chemical extermination. The cost also depends on the size of the area that needs to be treated. For example, a whole home will be more expensive to treat than a single bed.


If you think you might have bed bugs, it is important to contact a professional exterminator. Do not try to treat the bugs yourself, as this can be dangerous and ineffective. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is through a combination of heat treatment, fumigation, and chemical extermination. Make sure you choose an exterminator who is licensed and insured. Always ask for references and be sure to check them.

How much money to get rid of bed bugs

Regardless of bed bugs’ notorious reputation for infesting bedding, a bed bug infestation is not typically a result of unclean bedding. Most bed bug colonies are formed from bed bugs originating from other locations, such as movie theatres, public transportation, and hotels. In fact , it is possible to be exposed to bed bugs anywhere that large numbers of people are gathered in tight spaces.

Bed bugs hitchhike in suitcase seams or bed creases.

When bed bugs are found in bedding, it is typically because the bedbugs have hatched from eggs that were laid in bedding by mother bedbugs during feeding. However, adult bedbugs may also feed on bedding creases if they cannot find a host to feed upon.

Considering bed bugs are nocturnal, it is highly unlikely bedding will be infested with bed bugs during the day even if bed bugs reside on bedding at night. – bedbug pest control: bed bugs pest control cost – how much money to get rid of bed bugs?


Bed bug treatment and professional services can be costly. In most cases, bed bugs are exterminated with a combination of methods that may include the use of heat, pesticides, and steam. Costs for bed bug extermination services can vary depending on the size of the infestation, the type of treatment used, and the geographical location of the home or business.


Bug exterminator

Bug exterminator is a person whose job is to deal with bug infestations in residential and commercial spaces. They can also perform preventive bug control for homes and other buildings, such as hotels.

Bug exterminators may work for an extermination company or be self-employed; they could provide services to individual residences or multi-unit apartment complexes and office buildings. Bug exterminator is the preferred term over bugman, bug-buster or bedbugger among people performing work in this field.

The place of bug exterminators as part of a building’s maintenance team has been increasing in recent years as bug infestations have become more common.

According to a study done by the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, bed bug infestations have increased by 500 percent since 2003. The study also showed that bed bugs are now present in almost every country.

The increase in bed bug infestations isa result of a number of different factors, including increased bug travel with bug travellers and bug refugees. Many bug exterminators believe that today’s increase in international trade has been a key factor in the spread of bed bugs from region to region, along with the bug refugee crisis.

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Pest extermination is an important part of bug controland bug prevention. There are a number of different types of pests that can infest a building, including cockroaches, ants, spiders and rodents.

Pest extermination is the process of removing these pests from a building. It may involve the use of traps, baits, insecticides or rodenticides.

In some cases, pest extermination may also involve the removal of bug infested materials, such as furniture or carpets.

bug exterminator

bed bug cleaners near me

how common are bed bugs uk

bug control bug pest removal cockroaches ants spiders rodents

How common are bed bugs in The UK

If you have never heard of bed bugs before, then chances are that they have been a significant part of your life for at least the last few months. Bed bugs can be extremely common and tend to live within homes and feed off the blood of humans and animals alike. They often hide in mattresses and often do not show themselves without a reason.

The bed bug is the most common species of the Cimex family and it can be found in all 50 states within America and throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. There has been an increase in bed bugs as many areas with high population densities have grown which means that there are now more people to feed off of.

Bed Bug Bites

As a result of their increase in numbers, bed bugs have become a greater issue and they are no longer seen as simply an annoyance. They can cause itchy and inflamed skin as well as psychological problems such as anxiety and stress. In some extreme cases, people have even suffered from nightmares and insomnia due to bed bug infestations.It is difficult to determine how common bed bugs are in the UK as they often go unreported.

However, there was a study conducted by the University of Sheffield which found that out of 335 people who were sampled, 11% of them showed evidence of a recent bed bug infestation. The study also found that out of all the people who showed evidence of a recent infestation, 10% of them had never even seen the actual bed bugs.

People who are prone to bites should check their bed regularly for signs of red welts, blood smears and clusters of black dots which are excrement from the bed bug.

If you would like more information on how common bed bugs are in the UK, or how to identify an infestation, please visit our website or contact us directly. We would be happy to help.


How do you get bed bugs in the UK?

Bed bugs are present all over the world, but the UK is one of the worst affected countries. They are found in almost every home and public place where they can survive for more than a few days. However, not every person with bed bugs will show symptoms very quickly or even at all. For this reason it is often difficult to know if you have bed bugs and there are many different ways of how you can catch bed bugs in the UK

The truth is that it doesn’t actually matter where someone lives as you can get bed bugs almost anywhere now – even on a cruise ship. And if they come into your home then they can be hard to treat, as they’re often resistant to pesticides and insecticides which used to kill them easily. They’re also not like other insects such as lice or fleas which live outside, so you can’t keep away from places with bed bugs by staying away from public transport or going out of the house!

How do Bed Bugs Look Like

Bed Bugs are flat, brown, oval shaped insects around 6mm long, who feed on blood. They often hide in mattresses or behind wallpaper as they can survive for many months without food, but you will see the red welts that appear on your skin if you have been bitten by a bed bug – this is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva injected into your blood when it is being sucked.

The thing about bed bugs which make them so difficult to get rid of is that they can live anywhere where there is human contact and enough warmth and moisture for their eggs to hatch out. They’re not like ants who need a colony, nor are they like mosquitos who need water pools to breed in, all they need is a moist area with temperatures over 13 degrees Celsius and they will happily breed and multiply there. This makes it very difficult to find all the possible spots that they could be hiding as they’re not always near beds or even in bedrooms.

Bed bugs can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if you have been bitten by lots of them over a period of time which can happen when infestations are left untreated for too long. They don’t actually carry any diseases, but the itching from the welts is a big problem for people with bed bugs who often scratch until they bleed!

Common ways for bed bugs to get into your home

There are many ways that bed bugs get into homes and businesses in the UK, but some of the main ones include easily carried luggage such as backpacks or laptop bags, going on holiday abroad where there is an active infestation and buying second hand furniture, especially sofas and mattresses.

How do bed bugs to getting into your home

Other common ways for bed bugs to get into your home in the UK is by staying in a hotel which already has an infestation (usually caused by someone staying there before who then ‘bugs’ you!), or getting into venues where lots of people like sports stadiums or public transport facilities such as train stations and airports

Bed Bugs are really difficult to treat, because they’re often resistant to pesticides used to kill them; it can take many months and multiple visits from exterminators before enough bed bugs have been killed off that you can sleep easy again! This makes prevention vital: never sit on bare ground, keep your bedroom clear of clutter and don’t bring anything back with you from a holiday abroad, no matter how cheap or attractive it is!

Check if you have any bed bug bites on the skin

If you think that you have bed bugs in your home then don’t panic. Keep an eye out for the symptoms of bedbug bites and do not disturb any furniture until you’re sure that there aren’t any living bugs hiding inside. If your symptoms are severe then see a doctor but otherwise look up your local pest control company and talk to them about treating your house or business properly .

Due to their small size and ability to reproduce rapidly, bedbug populations can increase very quickly which makes it especially difficult to get rid of them once they have infested a home. Bed bug extermination methods vary, depending on the severity of the infestation and what area of the world you live in. However, most bed bug treatments include the use of insecticides and steam.

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How common are bed bugs in the UK 

Pest advice for controlling Bed bugs from BPCA


Bed bug exterminator cost


The cost of bed bug exterminators can vary depending on the size and location. As with most things, it is best to ask for an estimate before starting work so that you know exactly what your costs will be in advance! If you choose one of the big firms you are likely to overpay: Rentokil bed bugs cost is really expensive.


Bedbugs pest control


If you want to get rid of bed bugs, then pest control is the solution. We use methods like heat treatment and pesticides that provide lasting relief from these pesky pests without ever having them come back again!


Can dogs sniff bed bugs?

Yes, dogs can smell bed bugs! Dogs can smell many things humans can’t. Is it helpful to use dogs to find bed bugs? Not really,but people who are desperate will do desperate things. Using dogs to find bed bugs is just silly.

Bed bug removal:’

If you suspect an infestation in your apartment, don’t be a hero. Call the professionals.

Bed bugs can be a serious problem.’

If you’re like most people, the thought of bed bugs sends shivers down your spine. These tiny, parasitic pests can make your life a living nightmare by invading your home and sucking your blood. If you think you might have an infestation, don’t try to remove them yourself. Call a professional pest control company immediately.

Bed bug control

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are parasitic insects that live by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They were nearly eliminated as a pest in the developed world during the mid 20th century, but since 1995 have been rapidly increasing their range. A survey by the National Pest Management Association found bed bugs to be the most difficult pest to control in the UK.

Can k9 bed bug detection services help with bed bugs?

Yes, but No. K9 bed bug detection teams cannot help with your infestation and it is not their job to do so. They can only detect whether there is a presence of bed bugs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are active; living; or feeding. Also, these dogs can be extremely unreliable as far as actually finding the pests too.


Here’s what you should do if you have bed bugs:

  • Try to find the source of the infestation and get rid of it. This can be extremely difficult, but is necessary for successful treatment.
  • Call a professional extermination company who will have the tools and know-how to properly exterminate bed bugs.
  • Follow up with the extermination company to ensure that the job was done properly and that all bed bugs were eliminated
  • Put in place some preventative measures to keep bed bugs from coming back.

If you’re looking for a k9 bed bug detection service, be sure to do your research first.


What is the average bed bug heat treatment price in the UK?

How much does it cost? The 3-4 bedroom house will cost you around £600 – 800, depending on the size of your home. The price can go up to £1200 for huge houses with extra rooms. Usually the local pest company charges an hourly rate which is pretty expensive for this kind of work. So if you are doing it yourself, you will have to invest in a good quality heat gun and a thermal camera.


What is the cost of professional heat treatment for bed bugs in the UK?

The initial cost of heat treatment for bed bugs is £500 – this price varies depending on the size of your property and demands an exact quote. The total cost is dependent upon how many rooms are affected, if any furniture will need to be moved by professionals and the number of electrical appliances requiring disconnection. If you have a large property it may be necessary to move the furniture into another room, perhaps even into a different building. This cost can vary significantly.

For example, in some cases it is possible for heat treatment of bed bugs without moving furniture but in other situations you have no choice but to disassemble your property and move all the furniture out. It will depend on the layout of your property and the heat treatment company’s assessment.

What is heat treatment for bed bugs? Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs – what does this mean?

Heat treatment for bed bugs involves professionals heating up specific areas of your home to temperatures that will kill off all life stages of bed bugs as well as their eggs. It is only effective on contact and eggs that are not close to the area being treated will not be killed.

How to report bed bug infestation in the UK?

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bed bug infestation in your home, it is important to report it to your local Council if you are a Council tenant. Bed bugs are a public health hazard, and the sooner they can be eradicated from your property, the better.

Where to report bed bug infestation in the UK?

If you live on your private property or you have found bed bugs in the hotel room or on public transport, then you should report it to the local environmental health department. If it is a business, then you may have to contact the state or local agency that regulates businesses.

Local environmental health department

Your local environmental health department can help inspect for bed bugs, order treatments if bed bugs are confirmed, and keep track of any outbreaks in your community.

Hotel management

If you are a traveller and find bed bugs in your hotel room, you should report it to the hotel management. They may be able to move you to a different room or refund your stay.


If you find bed bugs on public transportation, report it to the transit authority. Bed bugs can live on buses, trains, planes, and other modes of transportation.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

You can also report bed bugs to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC is responsible for tracking and preventing national outbreaks of disease.


If you find bed bugs in any other setting, such as a school or office building, report it to the property owner or manager. They will be responsible for hiring an exterminator and following the local housing codes.


If you cannot identify who is responsible for dealing with bed bugs, call your city or town’s health department. They may know who to contact or they can help start this process.


Beyond that, search “bed bug” plus your county name plus how to control bed bugs to find out more


What is a professional bed bug treatment spray?

A Professional bed bug treatment surface spray is a specialised method of spraying pesticide meant to treat and get rid of your bed bugs. Bed Bugs create more than just an itchy night, they create anxiety in the mind about where else these little buggers are hiding! The best way to find out whether you have bed bugs or not is to call for professional help.

What is a free bed bug removal?

A free bed bug removal is a service that is offered to individuals who are struggling with a bed bug infestation. This service can be provided by a variety of organisations, including pest control companies, local governments, and charities.


How does a free bed bug removal work?


Organisations that offer free bed bug removal will typically send someone to the home of the person who is affected by bed bugs. The individual will then be given a free inspection of their home, and the exterminator will determine the best course of action for getting rid of the bed bugs.


How to deal with bed bugs on dogs?

“Does anyone know how to get rid of bed bugs on dogs?” is a question that often arises when pet owners are dealing with the annoying pests. The very first thing that people think about when they find their pets infested with these biting insects is trying to treat them at the same time they are taking care of getting rid of their dog’s bed bugs.

However, bed bugs do not live on dogs or cats, they can only bite your pet but still very unlikely because a bed bug would choose human blood over other animals. So, if your pet is having any symptoms it could be the fleas that bothers him.

How to remove bed bugs in the UK

First of all, don’t do it yourself! Do not fumigate the bedroom!

Call the professional pest control company.

You may have to call different companies for the quote as the prices are not standardised.

Bat bugs in apartments, what to do?

Bat bugs are a type of bed bug that feeds on bats. They are generally considered to be less of a problem than bed bugs, as they do not feed on humans. However, if you find bat bugs in your apartment, call your local pest control company for help and advice.


What is the best bed bug spray in the UK?

“What is the best bed bug spray?”


As experts in bed bugs, we are often asked what insecticide to use. It can be hard to find out which chemical will work on your infestation without spending money on several products that fail or cause slow kill.

These top bed bug sprays have been tested by us and come highly recommended:


Biopren 6EC-Emulsifiable concentrate containing insect growth regulator (IGR), insecticide and synergist combination for control of bed bugs and fleas resistant to synthetic pyrethroids.

Cimetrol Super-it is a professional grade insecticide that contains a very high loading of its active ingredient. It is proven to be highly effective against crawling and flying insects such as bed bugs and fleas.

Permost CS- Permost CS is a microencapsulated insecticide containing permethrin which is effective against various flying and crawling insects and a long residual activity up to 60 days.


Is it possible to find bed bugs on clothes?

Yes! Bed bugs can be found on clothes. The typical bed bug life cycle produces a shed skin every time the insect moults and during this process, they leave evidence of themselves called cast skins or exuviae. Shed skins are very flat and thin, around 1 mm in thickness and usually found at the seam lines where two pieces of fabric are sewn together. In heavily infested areas, cast skins can be found on furniture, walls and ceilings.

Can bed bugs live in clothes?

Bed bugs can live in clothes, but it is not their preferred environment. If there are no other places for them to live, they will likely stay in the clothing, but they will not be as comfortable as they would be in a bed or furniture. It is important to inspect and clean all clothes that have been in contact with bed bugs in order to kill them and prevent an infestation.

Does steam kill bed bugs?

Yes , bed bugs die when they come in contact with steam. When heated to a certain temperature, the water inside their cells boils and they die.

Steam is an effective way to kill bed bugs because it reaches high temperatures quickly. It also penetrates deep into cracks and crevices, where bed bugs may hide.

House bugs in the UK

Common and persistent pests everyone needs to know about

House bugs – so many people learn they have them when it’s too late. They’ve already infested your house, or perhaps you brought them home with you after a trip abroad. Either way, now is the time to become good friends with your local pest control expert.

Bed Bugs How To Know if You Have Them

Bed bugs have been identified as a growing public health pest in the UK, and appropriate management strategies are recommended for both domestic and commercial properties.

This article, “How to Know if You Have Bed Bugs?” provides useful tips on detecting and preventing bed bug infestations.

If you already have bed bugs and are looking for the best treatment option to get rid of them check our bed bug extermination services in London.

House Bugs – The Invisible Pests, What They Are & How To Treat Them!

One of the most common problems faced by people all over the world is pest infestation within their homes and for this reason, effective pest control measures are in high demand. Here at Bon Accord Pest Control, we will provide you with a good choice in pest control methods and a reliable service in house bug treatments in London.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Generally, bed bugs will hide in any crack or crevice that is close to a human. This includes mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards, and anywhere else that offers shelter. As bed bugs are small creatures, they can also hide in tiny spaces such as the seams of furniture or the edges of carpets. In Severe infestations, bed bugs will be found in nearby furniture and electronics as well.

No matter where a bed bug hides, it always seems to appear near sleeping hosts. Bed bugs will generally hide during the day and emerge at night to feed on their host’s blood. This behaviour is accompanied by a distinct musty odour that can often be detected in the hiding space.

The larger the bed bug infestation, the more places it will have to hide. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, your best bet is to contact a pest control company to do an inspection and extermination if necessary.

Are carpet bug bites real?

When you think about carpet bugs, what do you think? Many people may picture the small reddish brown insects crawling along their carpet. Not many people would expect carpet bugs to be an important pest in homes throughout the UK. Carpet bugs are known for feeding off of humans; however they are not parasitic insects like bed bugs. Rather,carpet bugs or beetles don’t bite people; they feed off your carpet material, carpet, bedding, etc. They can also leave behind skin scales and faecal spots. For those dealing with carpet beetles, our comprehensive guide ‘Carpet Beetles and How to Get Rid of Them‘ provides practical steps on identification, prevention, and removal of these bothersome pests.

Bon Accord Pest Control – Bed Bugs UK

In need of professional bed bug treatment and control services in London? Look no further. Our dedicated team offers reliable solutions to effectively eradicate bed bugs and prevent future infestations. Discover our specialised services designed to address your specific needs. Experience peace of mind with our top-notch bed bug treatment and control services in London.

To eliminate bed bugs completely, all stages of the life cycle need to be found and destroyed. If any are missed, they can repopulate your home quickly. That is why thorough searches by pest control technicians are essential in eliminating the pest. One effective way to spot an infestation is through physical signs like blood stains on sheets & pillowcases, faecal spots, and cast skins.

Bed bugs in the UK

Bed bugs in the UK may be small, but they can cause a lot of damage. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also cause skin problems and sleeplessness. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact Bon Accord Pest Control for professional help. Weare an established, licensed pest control company that can handle your situation with expertise. We use safe, effective measures to clear out the bugs using heat treatments and chemical sprays if necessary. Once all signs of infestation are resolved, we provide a one-year guarantee against re-infestation.

If you’re looking for a reliable and permanent solution to your bed bug problem, then this guide on How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently is the perfect resource for you. Learn the essential steps for eliminating bed bugs and keeping them away for good.

Karin HarndenKarin Harnden
17:14 05 May 24
We thought we had bedbugs but could find no evidence apart from what we thought were bites. I called Bon Accord and Gabriel was there within a couple of hours. He told us we had carpet beetle. Finding the evidence and showing us photos of the skin reaction which was exactly what we had. He advised and returned at a time to suit us to spray which was done thoroughly and efficiently. No sign of the little critters returning. Thank you Gabriel.
Luiza LoboLuiza Lobo
21:02 11 Apr 24
Gabriel went above and beyond. He is extremely knowledgable and very efficient at what he does. The results were outstanding. Nothing is too much for him. Delighted with his professionalism and work.
sam zsam z
19:11 03 Apr 24
Top-notched pest control service!! Went above and beyond to eradicate the rats from our property. Gabriel even offered to further investigate the infestation issues for our neighbours. We found him to be extremely professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend Gabriel to anyone in need of pest control.
23:29 02 Apr 24
Gabriel provided great service , responded quickly on an emergency for pest infestation, professional and friendly. No more pests at home.
Felicity GrayFelicity Gray
21:53 02 Apr 24
Gabriel was absolutely wonderful, a real life saver when I found a mouse by my bed at 10pm. He came in less than an hour and was able to catch the mouse and put my mind at rest so I could go to sleep! Highly recommend, fab service and lovely people.
Med KashaniMed Kashani
10:54 24 Feb 24
Gabriel turned up with an hours notice one evening and immediately identified the issued. He works efficiently and professionally throughout with timely follow-ups to ensure the problem was resolved. Once completed he was kind enough to continue to check in to see that the issue had gone. Having had Rentokil previously that spent two years doing very little this was a complete breathe of fresh air and solved the problem in less than two weeks. We are grateful and would highly recommend his services.
Nesma TalaatNesma Talaat
20:26 20 Feb 24
We were lucky to have found Bon Accord, they responded very fast to our request and Gabriel was very helpful and informative. He made several visits and did his absolute best until the mice problem we had was gone. Highly recommended.

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