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Bed Bug Treatments

There are two main treatment types for bed bugs. You can either use chemical pesticides or environmental controls such as heating and vacuuming to get rid of them in your home, but both have their pros and cons depending on the situation at hand!

Chemical treatment for bed bugs

A professionally applied chemical treatment is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs. Your furniture and room will be sprayed with a toxicant designed for these pesky insects, which can live anywhere from the mattress coverings all the way down into cracks under drawers!

This type of treatment will take 2-3 visits to kill all of the bed bugs.

Heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs

You can get rid of bed bugs with a heat treatment, but it will cost you more. You need to maintain the temperature at 56 degrees Celsius for hours in order to kill all insects that live on your property! And using chemicals could be necessary too These treatments can take up to 24 hours from start to finish. You may need to be out of the property for a few nights during that time so we recommend you book accommodations in advance and give us plenty of notice if there are any changes!

Bed Bug Bugging Out?

A number of things you can do at home to help keep the bed bugs from coming back. These methods won’t completely get rid of your infestation but it may reduce their numbers and make life for everyone much more comfortable again!


The hoover is a great way to get rid of pesky bugs, but make sure you empty it immediately into a bag. Seal up the whole thing and put it in an outside lidded bin!

Tumble drying

To kill bed bugs, you can use the hot air from your dryer. 30 minutes is enough time for this process so that no eggs or nymphs escape into fabric while it’s heating up!.


Steaming can be a great way of getting rid of bed bugs. The bath is an excellent spot because they cannot climb onto surfaces like the tub and will steam right off from its surface if trapped in there long enough, killing them instantly!


Freezing is the most effective way to kill bugs on your clothes and bedding. You’ll need a few days of freezing for sure, but it will be worth the wait!


The Bed Bug Treatment

Bon Accord will get rid of your bed bug problem with a Guarantee

The experts at our company understand how distressing an infestation can be. We have been running for over 10 years and offer a variety of services, including bed bug treatments in London or beyond! Our specialised solution will get rid of them completely with ease- let us help you today.

Bed Bug Treatment In London

Once you have made an appointment, we will send one of our bed bug specialists to visit your property. We also offer a same day service. If we find evidence of bed bugs, we can do a bed bug treatment right then and there.

6 Month Guarantee

If you’re looking for the best bed bug exterminators in London, Bon Accord will get rid of your pesky critters fast. We provide a 6 month guarantee so that our clients have complete peace-of mind and can finally enjoy their home free from these pests!  We’re committed to getting rid of your bed bugs for good. We will visit you as many times as necessary, and we’ll be there until the job is done right! We also offer free advice with no obligation.

More details of bed bug treatment and control

To make our technicians’ jobs easier, please clear clutter away from the bed area. This means they’ll have better access and will be able to treat quickly with increased effectiveness!

Don’t put things into sealed plastic bags, because then the bed bugs will only come back once you’ve opened them.

We will require you to leave your property for 2-3 hours after we have done the treatment. This way, a chemical that has been applied can dry and then become safe again .

Bed bug eggs take 18 days to hatch and bed bug adults and nymphs can take up to 10 days to feed. The bed bug treatment can take up to 4 weeks to kill all bugs in the property.

Bon Accord fully qualified pest controllers

We’re fully qualified pest controllers, and we take our work seriously. We have a passion for what we do – continuing to evaluate new methods so that you can sleep soundly at night free from bed bugs. You can find out more about our treatment by visiting the page FAQ

When you first discover an infestation of bed bugs, the best thing to do is gather lots of evidence and information. A great place to start when you are pestered by bed bugs is our FAQ page. It will provide information on how these pesky insects work, as well as what can be done about them both now and in the future!

 The page provides a wealth of information for those interested in finding out more about bed bugs. It can be used alongside other sites such as the NHS,the bed bug foundation etc

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