Bed Bug Treatment Cost London

Bed bug treatment cost in London can vary greatly depending on the extent of the infestation and the type of treatment required. Costs typically start from around £200, but can rise to over £2,000 for a more severe infestation.

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Treatments may involve insecticides, steam treatments, heat treatments and chemical treatments. Professional pest control companies are recommended for treating bed bugs as they are more likely to provide effective, long-term solutions.

Cost of bed bug extermination factors

The cost of getting rid of bed bugs in London, is dependent on many factors.  This factors are the size of your home or business, and how bad the infestation is. The average cost to get rid of bed bugs in one bedroom flat is £180-£500 for chemical treatment.

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Bed bug treatment usually involves hiring a pest control company that uses chemicals to kill bedbugs. There are also “natural” remedies that do not involve any kind of chemical residue left behind. Regardless of what type of treatment you decide upon, it will take two visits from the pest control company in order to ensure the bugs are gone for good.

Bed Bug Treatment

The first step you should take if you want to get rid of these bloodsucking insects yourself is cleaning all clothes and The first step you should take if you want to get rid of these bloodsucking insects yourself is cleaning all clothes and other fabrics and vacuuming your home throughout.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are small, brownish insects that feed by piercing the skin and withdrawing blood from humans.


This bug bites cause itching and scratching which might lead to secondary infections such as impetigo, ecthyma or louse-borne spots (bartonellosis) if the skin is broken.

Bed bug bites are typically found on exposed skin surfaces, rather than at the site of clothing. However they may not be immediately recognized as bed bug bites since other types of irritant or biting insects might produce similar reactions in some people

The most common symptoms for bed bug bite are a burning sensation with red bumps that welts and forms a small blister. These signs appear within minutes to an hour after being bitten by a bedbug. 

Bed Bug Treatment Cost In London

The cost of bed bug treatment can vary depending on the size and location. London is an expensive city where the price could be very high.

From as low as £200 for chemical treatment to thousands for bed bug heat treatment.

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We guarantee full bed bug eradication or money back.

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