A rat jumped out of the school toilet and bit student.

A rat jumped out of the school toilet and bit a student. As one Twitter user reports, an unusual incident took place in one of the Polish schools. While visiting the school toilet, the student was bitten by a rat. The teenager was hospitalized.


Schoolgirl bitten by a rat


On December 7, 2021, an entry published by a user called ELS4SPIRIT appeared on a popular social networking site. She reported that in one of the schools in Poland, a rodent attacked a student who wanted to use the toilet.



The post caused great emotions, gaining nearly 3.5 thousand likes in a short time. Although some users did not believe the truth of the story, the victim herself spoke. As evidence, she presented the medical records of the consultation.


A 16-year-old girl was admitted to SOR (Hospital emergency ward) because of a bite probably by a rodent. In the interview on that day with the reception at approx 9:10 AM she reported “while using the toilet (located in the basement), she was bitten on the buttock. She couldn’t see what bit her. She observed the bleeding of the bite site – according to the document prepared by the drug. Grażyna Sorbaj-Sucharska, a specialist in paediatrics from the city of Olsztyn.



After admitting a patient complaining of pain in the groin area during the examination, two red bite marks were visible on the inner surface of the buttock. After consulting an infectious diseases doctor, the teenager was qualified for rabies vaccination.

rat bitten girl in school toilet
rat bitten girl in school toilet


New phobia unlocked

The injured party referred to the questions of concerned Twitter users in the comments under the post. She informed me that she was in the process of receiving vaccinations and that she felt better and better every day. 


– On Thursday, I have the third dose, and after it I have 3 left. I am fine and I do not feel any discomfort, except for pain where he bit me – wrote the user with the nickname olasymko


Unfortunately, due to a toilet accident, the student will not be able to participate in the school trip. In the comment section there were expressions of sympathy and wishes for a speedy recovery

student bitten by rat in school toilet
student bitten by rat in school toilet

– I will be a ratgirl and waiting for the designed costume – said the student.


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