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A plague of cockroaches terrorising London shops, restaurants and flats

A plague of cockroaches. German cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches becoming a huge issue terrorising London shops and restaurants and flats.

That is what residents and business owners in Hammersmith and Fulham claim to be facing after recent reports suggest the area has seen a rise in german cockroaches.

The german cockroach is one of three common species that most often infests homes and restaurants. It is about half an inch long and likes warm places.

It is believed that German cockroaches first came over on ships from Africa before the first world war.

They are attracted by food and dirty conditions, which can be found in all kinds of establishments.

According to pest control group Basis Prompt German cockroaches have been on the rise since 2014 with German cockroach infestations up by a quarter in 2014 and a third last year. That is a 74 percent rise in german cockroaches in just two years.

But Basis Prompt chief executive Douglas Hamilton warned the German cockroach problem was about to get worse with summer on it’s way, which he said sees German cockroaches increase by over 22 percent.

He said: “We have unfortunately been experiencing an increase in german cockroach infestations across London and elsewhere in the UK since 2014.

“It’s difficult to pinpoint reasons why german cockroaches are on the rise, but it could be due to factors such as increased travel, change of food habits and increased resistance to insecticides.

“However, German cockroaches are naturally resistant to many insecticides and they can rapidly build up resistance to the ones that do work.”

Mr Hamilton said German cockroach infestations can be hard to spot because german cockroaches only eat at night, but he warned German cockroach infestations will increase as we head towards summer.

He also warned german cockroaches can cause health issues such as allergies and asthma attacks.

cockroaches on the trap

What is the best way to get rid of plague of cockroaches in food establishments?

Bon Accord cockroach control expert, John Davis said: “It’s best to call in a german cockroach treatment service like Bon Accord Pest Control. For german roach infestations the only solution is insecticides and we regularly treat german cockroaches with some success.”

“When treating cockroaches it’s important to remember german cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and spend the day in dark, warm places like around stoves, dishwashers and even inside of cupboards.

German cockroaches can also be found near drains, sewers or basins. Cockroach infestation usually begins in bathrooms or basements and they can even be found near washing machines.”

What should you do if I spot cockroaches ?

Mr Davis advises: “Call cockroach control experts like Bon Accord Pest Control. We will inspect the premises both indoor and outdoor to ensure effective treatment.

We will treat cockroaches in a way that does not affect your day-to-day activities and we aim to be as discreet as possible.”

German roach control experts offer pest control services for all commercial premises, including gourmet restaurants, takeaways,  hotels, supermarkets and short stay accomodation.

Do you need help with cockroach plague? Read more about cockroach control

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