9 Surprising Facts About Rats

Facts about Rats in the UK

Rats are the most common household pest in Great Britain. They can live anywhere, but it’s more likely they will be found close to humans if there is water and food available – not just because rats love nothing better than dining on our leftovers! You might not even know you have a rat problem until one invades your home or garden without permission (or when their droppings begin appearing outside). 

Facts about Rats - brown rat on a white background
Facts about Rats – brown rat on a white background

Rats are known for their adaptability, but when the temperature drops below freezing and food becomes scarce they rely heavily on one simple source that isn’t always there.

Rat infestations are a threat to your home and health, as rats can carry disease. They also damage property by gnawing on anything they find – including wires!

 The best way to keep this from happening? Check around for any possible entry points into the building or premise that could let them in (like cracks), then seal those up quickly so you don’t have any surprises later on down the road

If you ever wondered how far a rat can travel or what its natural diet consists of, take the time to read through these interesting facts.

 9 Surprising Facts about Rats

  • A study found that brown rats prefer to move downward rather than upward, which is interesting considering they are negatively geotactic (negative gravity).
  • A rat burrow is not just a hole in the ground. It can be as deep as three meters, but it’s rare to find one that goes any deeper than 0.5m!
  • Brown rats can jump higher than humans and have been known to leap forward more than 70cm in a single bound, while also being able to clear 100cm horizontally.
  • Black rats are the best climbers among all other types of rodents. They can scale any surface, even if it is slightly rough or not uniform for their size and shape.
  • Rats are scary pests, consuming up to 10% of their own body weight each day. They cannot survive without access to water and must eat constantly if they want any chance at all!
  • There’s a lot of pregnant rats out there! At one time, 10-30% (or over two in three) female rats are pregnant.
  • Rats are so used to moving around obstacles that when you remove them, they will continue on. This is why it’s important for the trap placement – if there isn’t one right by where their running path is or goes through then bait with something tempting nearby so as not have any animals avoid your devices out of instinctual avoidance behavior!
  • Rats have been known to nest in cold stores, and they can even reproduce there.
  • A study by scientists in Japan found that female rats are able to tell the sex of their offspring just by smell.

Rat Control in London

Rats are pesky vermin with the ability to cause major chaos in any area. They’re not just annoying pests, but also can be very dangerous!

Rats are not only dirty and smelly, but they also pose a danger to your health. They like chewing through wiring which can lead you into dangerous situations in the house like fire! Plus when rats chew on wood or plastic furniture pieces it leaves behind an unpleasant taste for everyone living there because of possible toxins from their saliva that might have been ingested during this process too.

It’s time to call in the experts. Whether you need help getting rid of rats or protect against diseases they may carry, our team will be here for your every need! Read more about: Pest advice for controlling Rats from BPCA

If you have a rat problem in your house, contact us today for free advice and immediate assistance from a local expert. We are here to help!

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