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When you have a wasp problem in Aberdeen or require wasp nest removal or extermination services, you need to turn to a company you can trust. Here are some important things you need to consider.

Can I treat it myself? Yes you could, however wasp stings are at best painful and in some cases fatal. There are around 500 hospital admissions per year in the UK from insect stings, with 4 of them being fatal. Most nests are higher in the building, and need ladders to get to. There are around 11,000 reported falls from ladders in the UK every year, with around 50 fatalities.We would suggest that, for a small cost and peace of mind (not to mention avoiding Aberdeen royal infirmary), call the wasp experts at Bon Accord Pest Control.

Is it expensive? We believe we offer the best priced pest control, and wasp nest destruction service in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire. We will tell you the price on the phone before we get there with no hidden costs.

What do you use? We Inject a Permethrin dust at high pressure into and around the wasp nest, killing the wasps inside and those that will come back to the site when they return home. The insecticide Permethrin is 60 times safer to humans than the insecticide Bendiocarb. We only use Permethrin dust to treat wasp nests in your home; it costs us more, but we believe it’s the best and safest. We are in the minority of companies working in Aberdeen who use Permethrin due to costs. Ask yourself, what do other companies use?

What will happen if I just leave it? A nest left alone will multiply, getting larger and larger, destroying structural wood and plasterboard as it grows, sometimes expanding into rooms of the inhabitants below. The colony expands until there are around 2000 inhabitants in the nest, and then they produce around 100 new queen wasps that hibernate and repopulate the houses in your area next year.

Why use us? We are a locally based company, unlike those other companies who advertise in Aberdeen, using a phone diverted hundreds of miles away. We really care about customer service. We hear it every time after a treatment, “hope I never see you again, but thanks for a great job”. We are here for the long haul, looking after you and your family and Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

For your sake, we hope you never need us. But when you do, you know you’re in safe hands with the best in Aberdeen, Bon Accord Pest Control.

A wasp nest being built - Dennis took this picture of a queen and 2 workers in Aberdeen

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