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With many years experience dealing with all types of pests in a wide range of environments, we adopt a no nonsense approach, explaining to the customer all details of the work carried out, without jargon and without unnecessary scare stories.

We are committed to providing a high quality of service and customer satisfaction.

I am available at all times to answer any questions regarding our work or our service.

We, the undersigned national and international environmental pest management associations and pest management companies, together with the undersigned consultants, manufacturers and distributors of pest control products are committed to improving the quality of life for all throughout the world. This is to be achieved by providing the most effective management of those pests which pose a threat to the world’s health, property and food supply. At the same time, we ensure that the treatment of such pests does not cause an unacceptable risk to consumers, operators or the environment.

We make this statement in the belief that all people have a right to live in an environment where Governments, environmental protection agencies and the pest management industry, working together, make every effective effort to minimize the impact of pests and pest-borne diseases on the health of the world.

Thus, we are committed to the protection of consumers, pest management professionals and our environment by adhering to the following principles:


We are committed to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which, while achieving effective pest management, will minimize the potential for exposure to pesticides.

In particular, we believe in the need to protect all people and especially children, from the adverse affects of pests in such a manner that does not pose any undue risk to their safety through the use of pesticides to control pests and diseases.


We believe that every manager responsible for the application of pesticides, and every technician who applies pest management products, should be verifiably trained to ensure appropriate, effective and safe application of the products, in addition to appropriate knowledge of the pests to be controlled.


We believe that every pest control technician, or enterprise, should act during the execution of its work in a way such that it neither causes injury nor damage to any other person, nor to himself.


We believe that pest management products should be transported, stored, mixed and disposed of in a manner which preserves the quality of the ecosystem, including soil, water and endangered species.


We support efforts by government agencies and the industry to encourage the minimization of waste and the safe disposal of products and their packaging.


We support an open approach to the provision of appropriate information to the general public on public health pesticides and pest management techniques.


We support increased public and private funding for the development of effective, reduced-risk products and technologies for the management of all public health and nuisance pests. (Again, what about alternatives as opposed to "reduced-risk".)


We are committed to operate within the legislative framework of state, regional and national governments, whilst encouraging governments to take account of the pest control industry’s views and expertise.


We believe in the independent registration of pesticides by Government agencies and the control of the use of new and existing compounds based upon assessments using contemporary scientific standards.


We encourage all governments to work towards a common approach to pesticide registration.


We believe that our industry must act beyond the arena of pest management alone. The industry seeks to observe and promote the well-being of those people employed within it, whilst fostering and promoting an attitude of social responsibility. We aim to ensure that the results of our labour contribute to the development of a better and healthier society, whilst offering those who work within the industry pride in their achievements and the knowledge that their endeavours serve to create a better world.

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