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Pest Control Services for Aberdeen and outlying areas of Aberdeenshire including Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Ellon

Welcome to Graham Pest Control based in Aberdeen. We can assist with any pest control problems you may experience. Whether infestation or

prevention - contact us for more information.

We are cheaper than any other pest control company in

Aberdeen who are also members of The National Pest Technicians

Association or Royal Society for Pest Control.

Click our links on the left for more about wasp control services,

seagulls, fleas, weevils, beetles and cockroaches. We provide

a same day fast and efficient service for the treatment of

wasp nests, at your home or business in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire.

All our wasp treatments are guaranteed to eliminate the nest. Click on our seasonal wasp control link above for this season's special rates.

Rats are a worldwide pest due to their capacity to cause structural damage and to spread life-threatening diseases. They invade buildings and transmit potentially fatal disease. Contact us to find out how we can help you with any form of rodent infestation or prevention.

Feral Pigeons rely mainly on spillage or scraps left by the public. Most of the damage caused by pigeons arises from their infestation of buildings where they feed on and cause contamination. Pigeons, Seagulls and Starlings are becoming a bigger threat to public health due to their ability to spread avian diseases. Contact us to find how we can assist with prevention and control.

We are registered supporters of Think Wildlife. The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use is keen for those who use rodenticides responsibly, and in accordance with the CRRU code, to register their companies as CRRU Supporters.

We also signed up to the Orlando Protocol on the 13th November 2002, and are sequence number 124. The Orlando Protocol is a Charter for Worldwide Professional Environmental Pest Management.

We provide pest control for Aberdeen and outlying areas, including services for Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Ellon and outlying areas.

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